53 Laws

Dear Friend,

If you’re like my other clients, I know you’re absolutely mesmerized by one thing:

infield videos

You know what I’m talking about, right?

I’m talking about those insanely-hypnotizing videos where some dude is demonstrating his method on a hot, yet unsuspecting victim (erm, I mean girl.)

Usually the guy (who thinks of himself as a pick-up artist) is in a club, or a bar, or even out on the street. The cameraman following close behind.

The infield video captures his every move, showing what a stud he is.

These videos are hugely popular, sucking in thousands and thousands of views.

The secret beauty of these infield videos, is the seduction is happening at two levels.

Obviously, the girl is being effectively seduced.

YET make no mistake, YOU as well as tens of
thousands of other guys, are also being seduced...
completely sucked in by these videos.

Let me ask you a sincere question:

  • Have you ever gotten your dick wet because of what you learned in one of these videos?
  • Have you ever gotten an “instadate” because of what you learned in an infield video?
  • How about so-called “kiss closes”? Have you ever “kiss closed” because of what you learned from one of these videos?
  • Or how about just a phone number? Have you at least gotten a phone number from what you learned in the videos?

If you’re like other guys I coach,
the answer is unfortunately, NO.

But trust me, it's NOT your fault,

This is by design,

The fascinating thing to me is rather than piss you off royally by not getting results, guys continue to watch these videos searching for...

You’re looking for the secret words, right?

Or you’re analyzing the videos for secret body language, or secret tactics, or whatever that will ULTIMATELY get the girl.

And this my friend, is EXACTLY what these pickup artists want you to do.

They *KNOW* you’ll struggle getting their results in real life.

And so they just keep pumping out more and more videos.

Because they know the more you watch, the more someday you’ll get to the point of total frustration--where you just HAVE TO BUY THEIR PRODUCT to know how it’s really done.

Slick, uh?

It’s kinda like a Chris Angel magic trick.
You can see the trick being performed 1000 times
and still not understand how the fvck he does it

And this my friend, is the Ugly Truth about infield videos. You’ll never learn what the real deal is until you buy their product.

Now do not be discouraged, because you’re about to discover...

The Missing Piece to the Puzzle

(That Guarantees Wild “FVck Me Silly”
Success with Women)

What successful seducers rarely tell you is that in order for you to achieve results like theirs, it DEMANDS you have a self-identity similar to theirs.

  • Maybe it’s Alexander-the-Great bold, self-assuredness...
  • Maybe it’s police dog tenaciousness...
  • Maybe it’s the natural gift of the gab and charm...
  • Maybe it’s the ability to be spontaneously and hilariously funny...
  • Maybe it’s fearless “give zero fvcks” swagger...

Without an attitude and mindset like theirs, it’ll be DAMN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to get a girl to spread her legs for you.

That’s for sure. It won’t matter what you say or how you say it.

They try to make their tactics sound so easy. So simple.


Without their certain “sumthin’ sumthin’”, you’re doomed to
masturbate over endless infield video after infield video…

Alone...For the rest of your life

While they’re out there clubbing, making tons of money with their videos and getting laid like a MF…

... You’re there sitting on your parent’s couch, destined for eternal frustration.

It sucks, doesn’t it?

Now, when I coach my guys privately, one of the things I help them overcome is the endless focus on tactics, or “tricks” as I like to call them.

In other words, instead of focusing on the outside, constantly trying to get the girl, we do the exact opposite.

When you focus on yourself first, that’s
where the true breakthroughs happen.

In other words, I’m encouraging you to be selfish.

It's the #1 thing you can do to get
laid--and get laid FAST.
In fact, as soon as tonight.

Here, allow me to let Derek, one of the guys I’ve personally coached, explain it:

“Hey Greg, I never thought focusing on my needs first would work.

What you suggested initially sounded so arrogant. And conceited. To think that my wants and needs and desires as a man take priority before the girl’s!

But indeed, they do! I’ve got notches on my belt to prove it.

You recalibrated EVERYTHING in my brain. It’s like I took

a hybrid of Limitless pill and a testosterone injection.

Everyday I feel better, more certain, more confident.

You go from chasing and pursuing, to attracting girls. Almost for no reason.

Case in point. I was at Starbucks on Facetime with a friend, just talking. And from a distance, this hot girl in a dress and heels approaches me and says she liked my style.

Whoa. (Of course I got her number.)

Dude, that’s NEVER happened before. And as you know Greg, I’m nothing to look at.

But that’s not all.

I notice girls out of the side of my eye checking me out. Imagine that. Before they’d always just look away as I passed by.

Yes and one time I even pulled within just 90 minutes! And she was HOT HOT HOT!

I owe it to how I mentally carry myself these days. Girls definitely sense it. But you already know that.

Just those few little tweaks in my brain you told me to do made a world of difference.

I don’t know what it is about your maxims, but they absolutely shift your essence AS A MAN.

I’m a prime example.”

Derek’s not alone. I’ve coached HUNDREDS of guys privately and TENS OF THOUSANDS of guys publicly who have experienced similar, if not BIGGER SEXPLOITS than this.

It’s one of the biggest reasons I created this special report.

Surprisingly, several coaching clients of mine actually encouraged it.

So, it’ll pay to read it all. Word for word. Even take notes.

You see, what you’ve been told about attracting the hottest of women has pretty much been a lie--propagated specifically by these YouTube infield videos.

They’re total BS.

THE BIGGEST THING I know for certain is you don’t need any of their tricks to meet, seduce or bed the most gorgeous girls (and in fact, that shit can quickly backfire.)

So what the fvck is
Derek talking about?

  • “Dude, do you know the feeling watching your phone blow up with text messages from girls? More than a third of them, I didn’t even give them my number. Must be from a sorority!”
  • “I got asked out by a 10! (See the photo!) It’s good to be King!”
  • “I was so shocked when she said she’d pay for dinner. Does this happen to you a lot?”
  • “... That night, I was more than a knight in shining armor. I was her king.”

Who Else Wants to Learn Game...

From A KING!


Over the past 10 years, I’ve researched, tested and PERSONALLY EXPERIENCED 53 “maxims”...

Especially when it comes to love, sex, relationships...

I discovered THESE LAWS... are the same ones practiced by kings, conquerors and rulers, such as Alexander the Great...
Julius Caesar... Genghis Khan... Mark Antony (who seduced the original 10, Cleopatra)... King Tut (whose wife was the legendary beauty, Nefertiti) as well as many others.

(These are Kings not by blood, but by achievement. They in some cases, have CONQUERED much of the civilized world.)

But that’s just the start of my “53 Laws” project.

Over the years, I’ve shared these King’s Laws with my inner circle mastermind, my private coaching clients and at high ticket seminars.

The results ALWAYS blow me away.

  • “I’m 27 years old, and I have never gotten so much action in my life.”
  • “I was a virgin until I learned your 53 Laws of a King.”
  • “I’ve tried the techniques on the infield videos. I could never replicate the results. It wasn’t until I got your 53 Laws that my sex life changed.”
  • “Nobody tells you specifically how to attract 10s into your life. Because they can’t. They’re too busy being tonight’s entertainment.”
  • “I’m a 35 year old corporate lawyer. And I can tell you my whole demeanor at the company has changed with just 3 of your laws. I’m a shark now in a boardroom full of chum.”
  • “I can’t imagine life without your 53 Laws. It would be colorless. And sexless.”
  • “...It’s time I reclaimed the throne.”

Yes, it IS time you reclaimed your throne.

So if you’re NOT serious about making every beautiful woman in the world think you are a walking fvck-magnet… it’s probably best you don’t invest at all in yourself.


You’ve probably heard of the Authority Cognitive Bias. Where people can be persuaded and influenced based on their relative relationship to people in authority.

Well... NEVER is this more prominently
demonstrated than with women--and men who
acts like THE KINGS in their life that they are…

  • How to let her FEEL your royal desire for her (and watch as it turns her into a raging nympho) (King's Law #45)...
  • The New King of Pop’s Method to managing personal space and how it makes you INFINITELY more attractive (King's Law #16)…
  • (King's Law #22) Simply makes her desperate to spend time with you...
  • How a King dominates any social situation with ease (King's Law #23)…
  • How a King texts for rapid sexual escalation. This is one you can read, swipe and DEPLOY immediately for results tonight (King's Law #40)...
  • The one area you should NEVER compromise in your dealings with exceptionally hot women (King's Law #8)…
  • Using this three letter word as often as possible gave me one of the most thrilling and unexpected times of my life (King's Law #24)…
  • The eye gazing strategy that lets you turn her on IN AN INSTANT (King's Law #17)…
  • One quick and easy way to demonstrate why she’d be crazy not to drag you back to her apartment TONIGHT (King's Law #35)...
  • Always be closing? No. Never. Always be ESCALATING (King's Law #37)...
  • What royalty from the 1800s can teach us about choosing the right clothes (King's Law #15)...
Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan is remembered as a fierce warlord king, but did you know he was quite possibly a direct ancestor of 8% of the Central Asian population?

Genghis Khan planted the seeds that would become approximately 17,000,000 males.

He conquered lands stretching from China to India to North Africa to Eastern Europe: between the many actual wives he took, there was probably a decent amount of… less than official coupling in Khan’s tent.

When you’re responsible for .5% of the men on earth?

That’s impressive.

  • What A CONVICTED FELON taught me about building infectious rapport (King's Law #26)...
  • THE #1 GOAL of all your royal text messages, Whatsapps and iMessages (clue: it’s NOT to build rapport) (King's Law #39)...
  • How to always be the KING in her mind. Do this and she’ll follow you to the ends of the earth. Remember: you’re a KING. A man women obsess over and are magnetized toward without understanding why (King's Law #53)...
  • Brando’s dictum: How to mesmerize like Hollywood King Marlon Brando (King's Law #18)...
  • When having her HATE you is better than coming across as bland as boiled rice (King's Law #38)...
  • How to never come across as forced or unnatural (King's Law #28)...
  • Why a King never adjusts their personality or style just to try and impress a hot chick… and what they do instead (King's Law #29)...
  • The $1 Million Hedge Fund Job interview strategy that lives and dies by the one simple thing your mamma should have taught you but didn’t (King's Law #31)...
  • There is only ONE scenario where you should EVER approach a woman. (King's Law #32)...
  • A King’s understanding of ‘arousal roller coaster’--turns her on in ways you can’t even imagine (yet) (King's Law #46)...
  • Why too many guys live in FEAR of their desire for hot women. This Law will show you how to embrace it and emit a passionate signal that gets her heart pounding (King's Law #47)...
  • How even the most powerful men can become pussy-whipped --without even realizing it. (How NOT to fall into a trap she’s been subconsciously using since she was daddy’s little girl) (King's Law #49)...
  • When (and why) you need to let her know she’s been a BAD girl (King's Law #51)...
  • How to respond to her ‘shit tests’ like a King (King's Law #52)...
  • Never chase a woman. NEVER under any circumstances do this. Guaranteed, this is responsible for 99% of un-tapped ass in your life (King's Law #4)...
  • The #1 easy way to ignite conversation. Honestly, this is so EASY yet too many guys blunder in with blanket statements that KILL any rapport dead in its tracks (King's Law #33)...
  • How a King shows interest without being “needy” or clingy (King's Law #41)...
  • How a King touches her in her RED ZONES (when all the other guys have to cycle through the other zones first) (King's Law #44)...

Now that I have your attention... now, that you have the plan to reclaim your title as King... you probably want to know...

“Greg, how much does
53 Laws of a King cost?”

Here's the deal...

I’ve coach guys privately for $1000+ a session. I’ve coached groups in high-ticket seminars held in swanky Las Vegas hotels for $3K and up.

On these EXACT same principles.

However, when you click the button below before time runs out, you can get the 53 Laws of a King for not $1000... or $500... or even $100.

Think about it. That’s a little more than a buck a law.

With Effortless Conversation, you’ll will never get tongue tied or run out of things to say with a woman ever again.


Jon gives you simple yet effective strategies for every conversation you have...

So that even when it seems like you two don’t have anything in common, BOOM! You have her hanging on your every word.

This works hand in hand with 53 Laws of a King program.


Jason Capital has been an influential voices of the seduction profession for almost 5 years.

In addition to his coaching practice, he is the author of multiple best selling seduction products including, “77 Ways To Make Her F,#k You” and “Make Women Want You”.

In this training we show you how to be UNAPOLOGETICALLY AWESOME and make the women you desire want you uncontrollably…


The 53 Laws of a King is going to fill your life with women of exceptional beauty.

In this must-have program, I force with my good friend Christian Hudson to show you how to turn these bombshells into your girlfriends.

This is more than just getting laid.

We focus on turning the girl of your dreams into your and loyal dedicated girlfriend…

Total Value Including

3 Exclusive Bonuses Valued At $201.00

You’ll Also Discover...

  • How a king navigates the 4 zones of female arousal. INSTANTLY SEPARATES you from the mere peasants out there (King's Law #43)...
  • The one thing that TRUMPS giving value--especially at the start of a relationship (This is why just giving her stuff is BAD) (King's Law #25)...
  • Never be a FREELOADER or your social circle will kick you out faster than a drunk uncle at xmas (King's Law #27)...
  • How to be on the receiving end of a young maiden’s attention. ;) (This is FAR BETTER than being an alpha male) (King's Law #5)…
  • The security strategy that BULLETPROOFS your relationship long-term (King's Law #50)...
  • One counter-intuitive method to become a highly sought after guy (King's Law #30)....

Integrate JUST ONE LAW into your life and watch your life change...

They’re not difficult. Women of all kinds INSTANTLY respond.

That’s because they can’t help it. It’s wired into their genetics.

They KNOW in their soul, the ultimate goal of a woman is to be QUEEN ruling next to their KING.

Like everything I do, I do at the highest levels.

Not to brag, but I walk my talk. I AM a King in my own life.

That’s one of the big reasons I’m so damn attractive to maidens everywhere.

And I’m proud I produce some of the most extraordinary results with guys--anywhere on the planet.

That’s why I’m guaranteeing 53 Laws of a King three different ways:

  • I guarantee you’re going to *love* the product...
  • I’m guaranteeing when you use at least one of the 53 Laws (take your pick) you’ll get laid--as soon as tonight...
  • I’m guaranteeing EVERY fvckin’ promise, result and claim I made in this letter.

With 53 Laws of a King, I guarantee


It’s a feeling you can’t beat.

Guys all around you will be looking for the secret “trick”, but they’ll be sorely disappointed, won’t they?

Because IT’S YOU who women are attracted to.

Because you now know…

They would give anything, including giving up their virginity, to be with a King.

Sports... Politics... Music... Entertainment... Business


And if you discover anything I’m saying is not true, or doesn’t come true, feel free to ask for a full refund.

You have 365 days, that’s a full year to decide.

As you can appreciate, I’m being bold here. But every word I say is true. And you can take that to the bank.

You are the prize, my friend. NEVER forget that

You’ll appreciate: almost every guy I have ever coached has put women on a pedestal.

That shit stops NOW.


Sure, you can still open a door for a lady!

Sure, you can still buy a girl a drink!

Sure, you can still be “a gentleman”... sure, you still be “a nobleman”-- but NEVER EVER GIVE UP your masculine power and essence in search of sex.

I’m talking pursuing... catering... yearning for... chasing... TRYING to get the girl.

Stop trying. It’s degrading.

And when you get rejected, it’s humiliating, isn’t it?

AND BY THE WAY--stop trying to compete with all the other dudes out there on their terms.

A King makes his own rules...

I’ll show you how.

And overall rule #1 is to focus on yourself, FIRST.

Rule #2 is to make the young maidens pursue you--not the other way around.

My 53 Laws of a King program gives you the life-changing, NEW RULES to play by.

As you can see, NONE of them are hard. None of them take a long time to blend into your life.

Maybe best of all, with 53 Laws of a King, you can start getting laid as soon as TONIGHT!

All you need is ONE RULE, ONE LAW that gets the job done.

No tricks. No mindfvcks. No games.

53 Laws of a King

is Not For Everybody

Admittedly, some guys will never be King.

Maybe they’re just meant to be peons.

I don’t think that is you, but if you expect life to hand you success with women on a silver fvckin’ platter, don’t expect 53 Laws of a King to do some King Arthur Merlin magic on your ass.

I’m serious.

I’ve done my best by taking away all the risk, but it still takes BRASS BALLS to claim your rightful place at the throne...

... so that beautiful women everywhere start treating you with THE RESPECT and royal bedchamber sex fit for a King.

So the question is: Do you have them?

Only YOU can decide that.

Here’s the simple plan…

  • Get 53 Laws of a King and use JUST ONE LAW for a day.
  • Then, as you go to bed that night with a hot wench in your arms, ONLY THEN decide if you should implement the other 52 Laws.

I don’t mean to go all Game of Thrones on your ass, but you need this.
And you know you need this.

Start being a King right now and DECIDE. Decide to change your results with women from now on.

Carpe Fvckin’ Diem, Baby

PS: 53 Laws of a King goes WAY BEYOND just game.

Note: 53 Laws apply to almost EVERY area of your life.


Because again, the focus is on YOU--your wants, your needs, your desires as a man, and as a KING.

Quick question:

Have you ever been screwed on a deal?
Has someone ever fvcked you over money?

Again,that shit stops now.

You emphatically DO NOT have to play in a world that takes advantage of you--including being an employee, having a “boss” or being some sort of corporate drone.

That shit is for posers, losers and pretenders--all trying to put on their game face.

King’s don’t have bosses. King’s don’t have superiors.

Kings know what they want and claim it for their own--you’ve seen this time and time again with celebrities, right?

Well, now it’s your turn.

53 Laws of a King breaks you out of your castle’s dungeon--forever.

You deserve to be crowned King of whatever you decide--game, business, sex, love, whatever.